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Are You Looking to Bring Stability to Your Life?

Live a life of clarity, with one-on-one Virtual Psychotherapy for California residents.

Bobby is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, AMFT 143885, employed by Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health. Supervisor Pablo Martinez LMFT#113991

Relief for First-Generation Black and Brown Americans

Find relief and insight into underlying issues common to the Black, color and brown experience in America.

Adjustments for Family, Children and Adults of All Ages

Reveal and understand hidden family dynamics that control adults and formative children over the age of 10.

Build Foundations For An Independent Life

Build a foundation for your life and those of your family by breaking through muddled sub-culture for values, decisions and beliefs that work for you.

Begin To Integrate Trauma and Stop Restless Thoughts

Live deliberately. Transition into a world more your own, by integrating traumas, psychedelic experiences and looped thoughts.

Would You Like to Navigate Your Life With A New clear Vision For Yourself?

Find support to uncover new ways of thought, choices and living that support you, not others’ expectations.

Bobby Dulai

Growing up as a First Generation American,

I saw how difficult it was for my parents to navigate the system, regrow their roots and come to terms with who they, and we now were, in this new land. We were in a time and place where the focus was more on how to survive, than giving room and understanding for mental health.

I saw the harm caused by the hardships of this move on my parents and the exacerbation of issues that a lack of holistic understanding and access to mental health in the community and in our lives, had. I saw the direct result it had on a family member, struggling with a mood disorder - that, perhaps, the handling of which had a detrimental affect on their life.

The introspection I learned and the help I seeked along my journey as a first-generation Punjabi-American helped me understand my thoughts and feelings in a new way. I came to understand the shame and guilt I held onto - between the expectations of my immigrant parents, my community and my own desires, and the havoc it caused within me while determining my own path forward as a first generation woman.

There are a number of outside conditions, beliefs and expectations placed on us, whether knowingly or not, that restrict our ability to move forward.

I have found that beyond these conditions, you don’t have to let expectations or other people's thoughts control you. You can set your own expectations and goals and begin to finally feel what it means to live for yourself, while driving the direction of your own life.




As an experienced educator, I work closely with children and family dynamics, from any age.


Here’s How It Works


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I’ll respond within 48 hours to get a time that works best to see if Virtual Psychotherapy is right for you.


Break Into


Together, we'll explore the unconscious expectations and desires of others you've held onto, allowing you to move into clarity of who you are, who you choose to be, and what comes next.

All covered within out Telehealth Visits.


Learn How to Live Stable, Uncover Your Own Sense of Direction

Live with your own sense of conviction, alive with the opportunity of being here, as you choose to be, today.

Within you is the promise of who you really are. Become the person you know is within you, past others’ expectations and demands and begin living a life on your own terms.

While community and family provide a sense of support and mean well, they ultimately are not designed for you to find individuality or clarity toward what you really want. Communities throughout the United States are caught between two principles - wanting to honor where they come from but also struggling to find their way in a new culture and system.

Many adults in the U.S. are the ones hit the hardest by this struggle, growing up without a sense of clear identity and direction, without a foundation to find support choices or possibilities as they navigate the world.

Together, we’ll dive into techniques of Psychotherapy, uncovering the hidden association and voices, often replaying in your head, clouding your clarity and sabotaging a clear sense of who you are and what you have access to. 

Click below to book a complimentary first-time consultation to see if this approach is right for you. I look forward to connecting soon.

Find A  life of Direction, Honesty and Clarity Through Psychotherapy.

• Are you stuck in looped thoughts and patterns that grip your life and your ability to move forward?

• Do you feel cloudy on what’s stopping you from fulfilling their goals or acting on what you really want?

• Do you feel unstable or act out around family and community?

• Are you unable to connect authentically?

Get on The Road to wellnesNow, Be your Better Self.

Click below to see how I may help you move past the cloudiness common to many, toward taking confident action toward your vision of life.

Without Addressing the Confusion of Life, You May Continue to Feel:

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Find a culture all your own.

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